"I have had great success with Dura Lube in the past with various vehicles....tried it again with a 21 year old Cadillac...now the old girl purrs like new. Amazing."

- Hertzair / Engine Treatment


"I have been using this product since 1990. I have even used it in an aircraft that I have owned. The first time that I changed oil and filter on the plane I noticed in flight that the oil temp was 30 to 40 degrees lower than before and the cylinder head temp was about 20 to 30 degrees lower. Doing a compression check at 1400 hours each cylinder was at least 75/80. This stuff works as advertised."

- Chris Opryshek (TX) / Engine Treatment


"I have been using Dura Lube Engine Treatment for 12 years in all my personal and work vehicles. I must say that I honestly think it helps against engine wear. I have one truck with over 200,000 miles, another work truck with over 300,000 miles and a couple more over 150,000 and I have had ZERO engine/oil related problems. You can tell the first time you add this to your fresh oil change as your engine operates more smoothly. It also helps cold starts."

- Gabriel Gore (TN) / Engine Treatment


"Reduced oil loss completely. Engine feels more powerful when overtaking. I can recommend it to anyone with a car with high mileage."

- Ian Burbeary / Engine Treatment


"I always add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner treatment in my gas tank after every oil change. I've never tried this brand name, DuraLube severe Fuel system cleaner. I always thought I only need Fuel injector cleaner. why I have to clean the whole Fuel system??? And It didn't said for Toyota or Lexus on the box. But the words, "RACE BORN" caught my eyes. So I tried one......... OMG. My can feel that I've just add 20 horses in my car engine. My car is powerful and yet so smooth in motion."

- Y. Woon / Severe Fuel System Cleaner


"It works!! I was super skeptical about these types of products but there was a noticeable difference in the way my car drove. I truly believe that it is a must for all high mileage cars."

- Mike C. / Severe Fuel System Cleaner


"Smoothed out my transmission. More response to the gas pedal, smoother gear shifts. Put it in a 95 Impreza wagon. Runs much better. Not a miracle product (nothing is), but it works very well."

- Mountain Town - Amazon / Severe Instant Quiet


"100% Trust this product. In one past occasion had a 1997 V8 Silverado pick up with it's transmission having the "hick-ups" after forced to shift gears in motion in a flooded area. The dealer told me I needed a new transmission. Met an old timer who recommended D-Lube. My transmission lasted impeccably from 180,000 miles to precisely 263,000 miles when I sold the truck. Got it ?"

- dekzan (TX) / Advanced Transmission Treatment


"I have used Dura Lube in my Camry since it's first oil change. I had some minor engine work done very recently (timing belt) when the mechanic came in to the waiting area just to ask me what I have been using in my engine. I told him that I really have only used Dura Lube. Why? I asked him. He told me that he had never seen an engine with so many miles on it that was so clean on the inside. It's the original engine by the way. I use Dura Lube every third oil change and have nothing but praise for the product. I will never own a car that doesn't have this stuff in the engine. My lawn man uses it in all of his lawnmowers as well."

- Christopher Franks (FL) / Engine Treatment