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For over 30 years, and millions of satisfied customers, Dura Lube® has been a dependable name in automotive chemicals. As part of your regular basic maintenance, using Dura Lube® products can help your engine run better and longer.

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Dura Lube Makes the Difference

Don't Settle for a Second Place Additive.

A cleaner running engine is more efficient, Dura Lube® makes several products to help keep your engine running. Before your next oil change pick up a quart of Dura Lube® Engine Treatment at any major auto supply retailer and substitute one quart of your standard or synthetic motor oil for Dura Lube® Engine Treatment. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Better Engine Wear Protection

Dura Lube Engine Treatment it’s going to help your engine run cooler and quieter because it reduces heat and friction. Typically those are the big killers of any engine. This has four times the wear protection and outperforms other oil treatments because it goes right to the metal instead of the oil. It’s real simple to use all you do is hold back that last quart of oil on your next oil change and pour in your Dura Lube Engine Treatment and your done. Great for old high mileage engines and great protection for newer engines.

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Severe Fuel System Cleaner

Having problems with your fuel system? Rough Idle, throttle hesitation, or clogged injectors? Problem solved. Dura Lube® is the premium brand for your engine and fuel system. Dura Lube Fuel system cleaner is the most concentrated fuel system cleaner on the market. Cleans injector deposits, fights ethanol, saves injectors! 1 bottle treats 42 Gallons. 

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