Q: How old is Dura Lube?
A: Dura Lube was developed in 1986, but was first introduced in infomercials in 1992.

Q: Has Dura Lube Changed?
A: Dura Lube has only changed ownership in 2005. The package designs have been redesigned and updated, but the formulas for all products have remained unchanged.

Q: Does Dura Lube have an oil base?
A: Yes, Dura Lube Engine Treatment has a premium additive package with a neutral base oil. That's why you leave out one quart of oil when you add Dura Lube® in the crankcase.

Q: Does Dura Lube Engine treatment work in both gas and diesel engines?
A: Yes, Dura Lube Engine Treatment is formulated for both gas and diesel applications.

Q: Can Dura Lube be used in quads, motorcycles and other applications?
A: Dura Lube Engine Treatment works in all types of internal combustion engines.

Q: What is SR3®?
A: Dura Lube has precision ingredients that make it perform better than our competition, see the performance charts on the side of the box or our sales sheets. The moniker SR3® was given to those select ingredients. Just like KFC® and Colonel Sanders the formula is not made public.

Q: Do I need to wait for an oil change to add Dura Lube?
A: You can add 1/2 of a bottle of Dura Lube Engine Treatment anytime to the crankcase. When you change your oil, you will need to return to the recommended dosage, which is one quart in place of one quart of motor oil.

Q: Is Dura Lube compatible with Lucas® Oil or other additives?
A: Yes, Dura Lube can be used with other additives at the same time. Remember to leave enough fill space for both additives. 

Q: What happened to the wash and polish?
A: Dura Wash® and Dura Polish® have been discontinued and at this point are no longer available.



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